Our Candles

At Rama Candles, we pride ourselves in delivering you candles that will undoubtedly find a comfortable place in your home. This means that during every step of the crafting process – from selecting the wick and scents and pouring the wax, to choosing the holder – we place careful thought into the ingredients and materials used to construct our quality candles. We always strive to uphold the utmost care and proficiency to the scent, craftsmanship, appearance, and design of our products, so that you can enjoy the most exquisite scents and the most delightful experiences that life brings.
Rama Candles is unique because we use an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process designed to ensure there is almost no waste of materials. Our eco-friendly candles are crafted with vegetable wax, which produces less black smoke after they burn for a long period of time. The essential oils we include help produce excellent cold and hot trough. If you are a retailer, Rama Candles will surely bring you more customers for your business and if you are buying our candles for yourself, you will undoubtedly recommend them to your friends! Choose from a variety of beautiful, hand-poured, unique jars and containers to complement your decorative candles – whichever scent you prefer, you can rest assured that Rama Candles will continue to burn long and smell incredible, illuminating your home even during the darkest of days.