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Explore our premium Coconut Wax for a superior candle-making experience. Known for its clean-burning properties, eco-friendliness, and excellent fragrance retention, our Coconut Wax offers a smooth, even burn with less soot. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned candle makers.

At Rama Candles, we are a leading Canadian supplier of candle wax supplies. Our wholesale Coconut Wax is perfect for creating exceptional candles, providing a luxurious touch and a cleaner burn.

Whether you need wholesale candle-making wax supplies or Coconut Wax for your projects, Rama Candles has you covered. Our extensive inventory ensures access to the best materials at competitive prices. Join the growing community of satisfied Canadian candlemakers who trust Rama Candles for superior supplies and outstanding performance. Choose Rama Candles for all your Coconut Wax needs and experience the difference in quality.

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Golden Wax 454 is a premium natural coconut/soy wax blend from AAK, providing an excellent scent throw and minimal frosting, ideal for crafting smooth and creamy container candles. This high-qualit...